Lee M. Fisher, M.S., LPA-I

Licensed Psychological Associate-Independent Practice

Service Provider Kids BRAIN, LLC

I have a passion for working with children with Autism, ADHD, and other developmental delays. I love coaching parents and teachers to better foster healthy development in children. I also enjoy helping children to more fully understand their emotions, and to learn healthy responses to them. I have a history of working with children in their “natural” environments of home and school, and enjoy seeing the fruits of their hard work play out in their day to day lives.

I believe the key in helping children to develop healthy behaviors is to ask, “Why?”  To help answer this question, I conduct developmental assessments to better understand the whole child.  I believe that early detection and intervention are key to helping children be the best versions of themselves and to set them on a positive trajectory for development. 

In addition, I view children in terms of the family unit. Having a better understanding of how a child functions within their family environment is helpful in assessment and treatment planning.  A full picture of the child, within the context of their specific family, can help parents to better assist their child’s growth and development.  

Finally, I have a Master’s Degree in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas, and have experience working with various non-profits, with children from a variety of backgrounds.  For several years, I have worked in the classroom with preschool and elementary-aged children with Autism, ADHD, anxiety, learning differences, and challenges due to prematurity or genetic disorders.  This experience has included training and consultation with a variety of child development professionals, giving me a “whole child” approach to testing and therapy.

Lee completed her 3000 hours of supervised experience under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Morrison in the Fall of 2023 and transitioned to an LPA Independent Practice, which means that she does not require supervision to offer services in her scope of training and experience.