Teacher/Educational Feedback

The independence needed to manage multiple classroom demands in middle school, high school, and college is often very challenging for our Kids BRAIN kids. Their parents feel they need to jump in to support, remind, communicate with teachers, and complete long study sessions that may still lead to poor grades, conflict, and frustration. Our academic executive function coach Kathy Kurzman is an expert on kids who have brains that think differently and how to teach them the skills needed to meet classroom demands, stay on top of assignments, learn to take notes and study, and to manage daily responsibilities independently. 

If this is requested, attempts will be made to gain access to the child in school (minimum one hour billed). Duration will be dependent on school access and parent request.  Observation is not a billable service through your insurance provider. Fees for observation are patient responsibility and will include a mutually agreed upon amount of time and fee schedule prior to the commencement of observation.

Homework Series


All providers would be happy to consult with teachers and attend ARD meetings, Section 504 Meetings, or discussion of private school accommodation plans. Our team members are happy to provide individual teacher consultation and teacher training when requested. We provide whole-school or selective teacher workshops and courses. This service is offered to all patients, but because it is not always needed, is priced separately.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Academic Executive Function Training

Dr. Rodriguez-Rivera offers cognitive rehabilitation for children with acquired head injuries and neurological impairments. Services are rendered on a cash pay basis.

Services offered include:

Does it feel like the process of helping your high schooler get homework done is eating you alive? Does your teen struggle to remember and complete homework and have a bunch of missing assignments? Join us for the High School Success Series covering all things homework. Your high schooler will attend 4 virtual sessions to learn some excellent tips and strategies to tackle and master homework. Each attendee will also receive an individual one-on-one training session to get personalized support. 

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