Formal testing with a child usually includes 4 appointments. The first office appointment is for parent interview and typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes. We are currently offering this part of the evaluation process virtually or in person. The second appointment is time set aside for formal testing with your child. We only provide in-person testing. This appointment may be a short as 1 hour or as long as 7 or 8 hours, depending on the type of assessment and the age of your child. We offer traditional developmental assessment and autism evaluations. Further, neuropsychological assessment, psychological evaluation, ADHD evaluations, and learning differences assessments are offered. All assessment services are offered in English and Spanish. Testing is almost always completed in 1 day. Children who stay into the lunch window of 11:30 am or later will need to bring a packed lunch. Snacks and water are provided. Snacks are not always consistent with family dietary restrictions, so bringing special snacks for your child is encouraged if they are gluten, casein, dairy, sugar free, or keep kosher. We will schedule time when testing is complete and information is back from parent and teacher forms to discuss results, interpretation, diagnostic considerations, recommendations, and treatment planning for home and school. The final visit is for children who are 5 or older. The provider you work with will sit down with your child and talk with them in a kid-friendly way about what their brain is awesome at (natural talents and assets), what lower and slower skills are there (roadblocks), and what that means (diagnosis, areas of need). We will then talk about what is recommended, who on their "team" is going to make some changes to help, and what tips and techniques would be helpful for them to use to help their own brain have an easier time. To make sure that you are receiving support along the way and that parents have a partner in getting through any rough patches or obstacles to accomplishing the intervention plan, we will schedule an appointment at the final feedback session for 3 months later. This is a nice time to check in, make sure all is going well, and to provide any consultation or support needed to get through issues standing in the way of getting all needed services and supports in place for a child and their family. We use an open consultation model. If you need us, you call or email and we will email back, set up a call, schedule a video conference, or some combination of these to answer questions and make sure optimal outcomes are achieved for our Kids BRAIN kids and their support teams (family, teachers, other therapists or providers). Kids BRAIN providers do more than diagnose; they guide, educate, advocate, and support a child (and their parents) into adulthood.

Psychological, Psychoeducational, Developmental, and Bilingual (Spanish) Evaluations