Client Testimonials:

“Dr. Morrison is beyond thorough and helpful! She gave us realistic steps to take after our assessment and will definitely be our first call when we need to re-evaluate our son’s needs!” -Anonymous

“Dr. Caldwell helped us navigate learning challenges had been left open ended by previous testing and remediation. She was professional, patient and so kind as she worked with my daughter and later in the assessment review with me. She was clear with a diagnosis and outlined steps forward for us to easily translate in and out of the school setting. We will definitely use Dr. Caldwell for future support! I would recommend anyone left thinking “there is more to this” or “what piece is missing here” to seek the help Dr. Caldwell and Kids BRAIN. We finally have clarity for my daughter!” -Anonymous

“The post-brain injury rehabilitation that Dr. Mari provides is unlike anything else we have encountered. We love Kids BRAIN and her excellent insights so very much!” -Anonymous

“We struggled for years to find the missing link for my son and Dr. Morrison found it! The assessment was well thought out and really connected the dots for us. We are so happy we found Kids BRAIN!” -Anonymous

“Kids BRAIN was a Godsend for our family. The evaluation was timely and thorough in helping us secure specific interventions for our child both at school and at home. Although the evaluation was very challenging for my 6 year old, she came home happy and said she liked her time there. Kids BRAIN evaluation was much more helpful than our previous public school evaluations, as the eval provided insights to more than just the educational setting. The personal responsiveness from Kids BRAIN staff was wonderful, and their willingness to help advocate for our daughter was just the key we needed to get her in the school that’s a perfect fit for her! I highly recommend Kids BRAIN services.” -Anonymous

“Kids BRAIN really helped us better understand how our child's brain works! This has allowed our family to implement various teaching techniques that we have shared with her teachers that will not only help her with learning but building her confidence. Highly recommend for families who are looking to better understand their child while having an advocate in your corner for support." -Ebony L.

“Ms. Kurzman was awesome and I would recommend her to all my friends.” -Anonymous

“Our son’s diagnoses are as complex as they come, but Dr. Morrison didn’t hesitate to take him on as a client. She provided in-depth insight, suggestions, and resources for our family, and her neuropsych evaluation was thorough, thoughtful, and especially considerate of his still unsure trajectory. We found Dr. Morrison to be very personable and down to earth, and she easily broke down complex cognitive concepts in a way we could easily understand. She also hit it off immediately with our son, Zach, which made testing so much more manageable than our past experiences elsewhere. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer to Dr. Morrison for anyone seeking an assessment or other assistance with their child." -The Laukoter Family

“Dr. Caldwell was fantastic. Very approachable and quickly developed a rapport with my daughter in a short time frame (for testing and assessments). So much so, that when her therapist was on maternity leave, we saw her temporarily.” -Anonymous

"Kids BRAIN helped diagnose our son with autism. We are so grateful for them! With his diagnosis, we were able to get him early intervention so that he didn’t struggle so much as he grew older. They also helped diagnose my daughter so that we were able to get her interventions at school. My kids absolutely loved “playing” at Kids BRAIN for the assessments and we will absolutely use them for any future consultations/assessments. We love Kids BRAIN!"​ - Anonymous