Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who do you offer services to?

Children ages 12 months to 19 years

What types of assessment do you offer?

Developmental, autism, psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational testing

Do you offer testing in multiple languages?

Yes! In English and in Spanish

Are all of your staff fully licensed? Do I have to work with a trainee or intern?

Our team includes only Licensed Psychologists. We won't use your children as practice cases. We have done this before and we can help.

What type of evaluation do I need? I'm confused!

Leave that to us! We do it all, so we can complete the type of assessment you need to figure out what's going on and what steps will help you get to a better place

Why does it cost more to use your services? I can get an assessment cheaper someplace else.

This is true. There are lots of providers who offer testing and evaluation services. However, we are firm believers in "you get what you pay for." Our team costs more because we provide more. Consultation and assessment are only the first step and that is where others stop. Our job is to build an intervention plan that gives you step by step instructions on how positive change can happen and to guide you down that road. Talk to teachers? Work as part of a team to make an education plan? Consult with your doctor, psychiatrist, counselor, mother, and nanny? Fight with the school about what your child's rights are? Teach you the skills to be an awesome parent? YEP! We do that.

The first step to improvement is to understand what you are working with. Kids BRAIN's team of brain detectives is here to help you understand your child's strengths, guide you to know what their needs are, and to provide a pathway to change things for the better. Parenting is hard but it shouldn't feel impossible. Let's get going!